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EEN Action Applauds the Bipartisan Passage of House Bill 79 in Ohio

As Evangelicals committed to defending the life and health of every child, we at EEN Action (the 501(c)(4) partner of the Evangelical Environmental Network) celebrate the recent bipartisan passage of House Bill 79, which will allow electric distribution utilities to establish certain portfolios. Investing in energy efficiency will reduce the amount of energy needed, cut harmful pollution, and increase energy security. 

We are grateful to Representative Bill Seitz and Representative Bride Rose Sweeney for their leadership in sponsoring the bill. We are also particularly grateful to the numerous House Republicans who supported House Bill 79 and applaud their decisions. We are thankful to:

Cindy Abrams, District 29

Jamie Callender, District 57

Sara P. Carruthers District 47

Jon Cross, District 83

Dave Dobos, District 10

Adam Holmes, District 97

James M. Hoops, District 81

Brett Hudson Hillyer, District 51

Don Jones, District 95

Roy Klopfenstein, District 82

Brian E. Lampton, District 70

Gayle Manning, District 52 

Scott Oelslager, District 48

Thomas F. Patton, District 17 

Gail K. Pavliga, District 72

Sharon A. Ray, District 66

Monica Robb Blasdel, District 79

Bill Seitz, District 30

Dick Stein, District 54

Jason Stephens, District 93

Jim Thomas, District 49

Andrea White, District 36

By investing in energy efficiency, HB 79 demonstrates that Ohio’s policymakers value cleaner air and defending public health, especially that of our children. Energy conservation will also strengthen the resiliency of Ohio’s energy infrastructure, ensure grid reliability, deliver cleaner air, and reduce energy costs.

In response to the passage of this bill, Rev. Dean Van Farowe, EEN Action’s Ohio Outreach Coordinator stated:

“The most efficient form of energy we have is the energy we do not use. By giving Ohioans affordable access to energy efficiency products, the legislature has demonstrated its commitment to conserving energy, enhancing air and water quality, and increasing grid reliability. Ultimately, using less energy protects taxpayers from rising energy costs and volatile price fluctuations due to turmoil abroad. To defend our children’s health and ensure a brighter future, we must take tangible steps to be good neighbors and achieve our carbon pollution reduction goals. We thank the Ohio House, and especially the many House Republicans who voted in favor of HB 79, for coming together and putting differences aside to defend the health and lives of all Ohioans by investing in energy efficiency.”