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Ohio House Bill 79

This May, Ohio Representatives are considering important legislation (House Bill 79) that will allow utility companies to create energy efficiency programs that enable Ohioans to purchase more efficient technology, reduce their energy usage, and save money. This program will also help reduce pollution, defending the health of our children and communities.

Energy efficiency is one of the easiest ways to eliminate energy waste and lower utility bills through tools such as more efficient air conditioners, smart thermostats, or energy efficient appliances. HB 6 previously eliminated these programs, but HB 79 encourages utilities to bring them back. In short, all Ohioans will reap the benefits of HB 79, but especially our children and most vulnerable neighbors. 

As Ohio representatives consider HB 79 in the coming weeks, we need your help now. Send a message voicing your support for a more affordable, healthy, and reliable energy system in Ohio!