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EEN Action Thanks Governor Shapiro for Advancing Policies that will Bring Clean Energy to Pennsylvania

On March 13, 2024, Governor Josh Shapiro announced the introduction of the Pennsylvania Climate Emissions Reduction (PACER) Act, a new cap-and-trade program, and the Pennsylvania Reliable Energy Sustainability Standard (PRESS), an expansion of the alternative energy portfolio standard. Together, the PACER Act and PRESS will increase clean, reliable, and pollution-free energy coming onto the Commonwealth’s grid. By reducing harmful air pollutants and carbon emissions, these two new initiatives will defend the health of our children by providing clean air and water while reliably meeting rising energy demands with a modern, diversified grid.

In response, Carolyn Heckman, PA Policy and Outreach Coordinator for EEN Action–the 501(c)(4) partner of the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN)–released the following statement: 

“Evangelicals thank Governor Shapiro for taking this important step toward a safe and healthy future for all generations. In Mark 12, the Bible tells us to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Solutions like the PACER Act and PRESS allow us to better defend the health and wellbeing of our neighbors, and especially our children, by unleashing clean, reliable energy in Pennsylvania. Today’s announcement is not only smart but popular. Over the last two years, more than 80,000 Christians in Pennsylvania have urged Governor Shapiro to support a cap-and-trade program like RGGI, and over 22,000 Pennsylvanians and counting have given their support for an expanded Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS). These policies will deliver economic benefits to Pennsylvania ratepayers, low-income communities, and workers while cutting harmful pollution that negatively impacts the hearts, minds, and lungs of our children. We look forward to working with Governor Shapiro to make these bills as strong as possible to defend the lives and health of Pennsylvania’s children. We urge the legislature to come together around these policies to ensure Pennsylvania remains a leader in the clean energy future.”