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EEN Action celebrates the recent bipartisan passage of House Bill 2338

As Evangelicals committed to defending the life and health of every child, EEN Action, the 501(c)(4) partner of the Evangelical Environmental Network, celebrates the recent bipartisan passage of House Bill 2338, which will strengthen the PA Energy Development Authority (PEDA) and advance Pennsylvania’s energy security. By diversifying our energy mix, this bill will add more reliable, renewable energy to the grid.

We are grateful to Representative Fiedler, District 184, for her leadership sponsoring the bill and are especially grateful to the six House Republicans who voted in support of House Bill 2338:

Representative Thomas L. Mehaffie III, District 106; Representative Jim Marshall, District 014; Representative Kathleen C. Tomlinson, District 018; Representative Joe Hogan, District 142; Representative Aaron D. Kaufer, District 120; and Representative Joe Emrick, District 139.

By clarifying PEDA’s mission, HB 2338 makes it clear that PEDA should finance projects that conserve energy; generate renewable energy; facilitate the electrification of homes, businesses, and transportation infrastructure; strengthen the resiliency of PA’s energy infrastructure; and encourage job creation. Projects to expand renewables and conserve energy will strengthen grid reliability and deliver cleaner air. Together, these projects are critical to protecting and defending the delicate balance of life, especially that of our children.

Carolyn Heckman, the Associate Director of Pennsylvania Policy for EEN Action, states,

“We are currently in a historic moment. Together, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act present Pennsylvania with the unprecedented opportunity to access billions in federal support to reinvest in our communities, towns, and citizens. However, without a strong development body like PEDA with the authority to access these funds, Pennsylvania may lose out to other states.

"With a strong PEDA, Pennsylvania can jumpstart clean energy production and ensure we remain a national energy leader into the 21st century. HB 2338 will extend PEDA’s authority beyond its original 50-year term and expand the types of projects that PEDA can support. By bringing critical new projects to Pennsylvania, this bill will also support the creation of good careers and workforce programs to train our citizens for the local, family-sustaining careers of the future. PEDA will enable Pennsylvania to become more energy secure and independent by gaining access to federal funds to invest in home-grown, clean energy production now. Expanding Pennsylvania’s clean energy will protect taxpayers from both rising energy costs and volatile price fluctuations due to turmoil abroad. 

"To defend our children’s health and ensure a brighter future we must take tangible steps to secure Pennsylvania’s clean energy leadership and achieve our carbon pollution reduction goals.  We thank the PA House, and especially the six House Republicans who voted in favor of HB 2338, for coming together and putting differences aside to defend the health and lives of all Pennsylvanians by strengthening PEDA.”