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Nearly 33,000 Christians Support Pennsylvania Amending its Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard

Yesterday, EEN Action–the 501(c)(4) partner of the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN)–delivered nearly 33,000 comments from pro-life Christians in Pennsylvania to Governor Shapiro’s team in support of Pennsylvania amending its Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS). 

The PA legislature should take heed of these conservative Christian voices and quickly move forward with considering Governor Shapiro's new energy plan, including the Pennsylvania Reliable Energy Sustainability Standard (PRESS) to the commonwealth, which updates Pennsylvania’s Tier I renewable energy diversification goal from 8% to 35% by 2035 and has now been introduced as HB 2277 and SB 1190. 

In response, Carolyn Heckman, Associate Director of Pennsylvania Policy for EEN Action, released the following statement: 

“It’s time to recognize our past and the workers who sacrificed their health and lives to make our Commonwealth the energy leader it is today. To stay an energy leader and defend the health of our families, children, and energy workers, it is also time for a clean energy transformation in Pennsylvania. That’s why over 33,000 evangelical and pro-life Pennsylvanians are voicing their support for an expanded Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS). Solutions like PRESS, which includes an expanded AEPS, hold the promise of a healthier future for our children; long-term, family-sustaining careers; and a growing economy for all by unleashing clean, reliable energy in Pennsylvania. As shown by the 33,000 comments delivered yesterday, solutions like PRESS are not only smart but popular, too. 

"We thank Governor Shapiro for taking the important step toward a safe and healthy future for all generations through PRESS and also thank Representative Otten and Senator Santasiero for introducing this proposal in the House and Senate as HB 2277 and SB 1190. This policy will deliver economic benefits to Pennsylvania ratepayers, low-income communities, and energy workers while cutting harmful pollution that harms the hearts, minds, and lungs of our children. We look forward to working with Governor Shapiro and the legislature to make these bills as strong as possible to defend the lives and health of Pennsylvania’s children. We now urge the legislature to come together to ensure Pennsylvania remains a leader in the clean energy future.”